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The Party

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Walk to the end of the street and through the black gates

You should emerge onto a busy road

Turn left and head down the street, in order to walk to and cross at the lights

Head back the way you came earlier - past the strange monolith & turning right on Finsbury Circus to head back around the park (being careful of the cars on the road)

You should emerge with liverpool street in front of you, and cone ghost’s cone to your left - cross at the lights, then head up the ramp and carry on past the cone, you should emerge onto the upper level of broadgate circle

You want to make your way past the cone, up the ramp, or the steps, until you’re overlooking broadgate circle

Head back into Finsbury Square (where you began)

This is where the party is

Feel free to find and take a seat whilst you listen to the final section of audio

You should look around you, contemplating the area and the space as required

A party
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